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About Us

ERIKS has a history of delivering customer confidence and peace of mind in North America for decades by providing far more than just products.

About ERIKS North America

We offer:

  • Specialists in all of our core products and markets
  • Local inventories to provide quick, reliable product supply to meet the ever-increasing need for speed to market
  • A national footprint that allows for technical and logistical support
  • In-house testing and development labs
  • Access to some of the engineering resources of a major manufacturer
  • A complementary product offering
  • Own brand products which enables us to customize product solutions based on our customers’ need
About ERIKS North America
Our Mission

Our Mission

We apply our skills, knowledge and expertise to make industrial companies work better, increasing their efficiency, while continuously challenging both them and us to improve. We do this through our Passion, Specialism and Innovation, (or PSI) which helps make industry work better.

How do we make our customers more successful?

Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) is a key challenge for industries. In ERIKS, you have an experienced partner that can make your business work better and more efficiently. The added value we offer customers includes documented savings potential throughout the entire process chain. Our customized products help companies to optimize their cost of operation and produce more sustainably and efficiently, allowing faster time-to-market.

We see great opportunity to use our products and services to ensure the most innovative, highest-quality and most productive industry. Our extensive product and process knowledge allows us to co-engineer with our customers in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and improve their products’ performance.

ERIKS is an innovative supplier; we can fulfill twin roles of comprehensive maintenance supplier and manufacturer of high-quality products. We take the time to listen, consult and create a solution, especially when it means engineering or fabricating a custom component. We deliver plant uptime, efficiency, innovation and product sustainability.

ERIKS North America provides value-added services that are geared to provide the following bottom line benefits:

In fact, we’ve documented more than $88 MILLION in savings for our customers OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS through our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach by providing solutions such as product substitutions, testing, innovation and vendor managed inventory to name a few.

the people of Eriks

The people of ERIKS


We are proud to serve our industrial customers worldwide. With our skills, know-how and expertise we make our customers work better and increase their efficiency, while continuously challenging both them and ourselves to improve.

Documented Customer Savings & Solutions Examples

Maximizing Safety

Do you need a vendor that recognizes potential hazards before they happen? ERIKS can perform safety inspections at your site that can prevent a potential catastrophe. 

No More Leaks

Are your fittings leaking causing delays and problems with product quality? ERIKS offers engineering support that can help solve your quality issues. 

Maintaining Progress

Do you need better vendor support during your scheduled outages?