We have set ourselves apart by developing core strengths and internal capabilities. Our hose assembly capacity, quality, consistency and depth of product lines are second to none. All of our hose products are backed by our commitment to quality, service and true dedication to offer complete hose management solutions. Our hose management programs include testing, tagging, tracking, training, special packaging and fast delivery services. We have made significant investments in a variety of hose fabrication equipment that allows us to weld, crimp, and couple all styles and sizes of hose assemblies.ERIKS HOSE SOLUTIONS

General Industrial Service Hose – Including air and water, steam, material handling, petroleum, chemical, ducting, oxygen service, composite and hot water wash down hose.
Stainless Steel Braided Hose – All variations of PTFE hose and metal hose for every application including those requiring special alloys, high temperatures and extreme pressures. Our custom weld capabilities assure quick and complete satisfaction. We carry all variations of PTFE hose.
Smooth Bore Metal Hose – Material handling of dry bulk substances.
Hydraulic Hose – A complete range of hydraulic hose, couplings and accessories for a wide array of temperatures, pressures and applications.
Expansion Joints – A complete service provider of rubber, metal and flue duct type expansion joints that includes plant surveys and installation services.
Industry-Specific Hose and Couplings – We stock and fabricate a complete line of mining, agricultural, oilfield service, petrochemical service, food service and other industry-specific products.
Fittings and Accessories – The right adapters, quick couplings and the fittings you need to make safe, secure connections. Plus custom loaded hose reels, nozzles, swivel joints, loading arms and more.
Reliable Hose Assemblies – Our technicians are trained in state-of-the-art assembly processes using the latest manufacturer and industry best practices.
Industrial Hose Services – In-house and on-site hose inspection, recoupling, hydrostatic testing and hose assembly recertification.

From testing, tagging and tracking, to training, special packaging, unique delivery services and ISO 9001–2008 and ISO 14001–2004 operational procedures, we have the hose you need, with the services you want, where and when you need it.

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